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Welll…. that’s something that I’m still trying to figure out


Here are some things that I know for sure:

I was born in Sydney, Australia, on the 8th of April, and I love food, reading and travelling. I created this space for me to express my inner thoughts that I love to keep to myself. After months and months of contemplating, I realised that its time to find a space that I could write, mull over and be at peace with my thoughts and feelings. Feelings are something that I’m constantly learning about and how to deal with them rather than suppressing them. As feelings are meant to be FELT and LIVED rather than hidden and suppressed.

Me looking out of One World Observatory out in awe

I’m currently going through my final year of university and experiencing an identity crisis that has me overwhelmed by the many possibilities of life. The pressure of being fully employed straight out of university, being a full-fledged adult ( which I believe I have sort of achieved) and having a life put together that almost makes every influencer jealous.

This space that is going to be filled with my dream, wishes, manifestation and life experiences. I promised myself that I will live and travel the world in 2023 when all this (COVID-19) is at bay. I want to learn, do and experience what life has to offer! I internalise a lot of my experience and hope to immortalise them here for reflection and growth (to my hopefully one day perfectly happy and content 30 something-year-old).

I also want to preface that I’m not the greatest writer in the world with incredible writing skills. I WILL make grammatical errors and punctuation mistakes but that is me.

I’ve recently go into manifestating and wanted to document some manifestation that are coming my way this year (2021) and 2023. For, 2022 I’ll be working on a vision board.

Manifestation thar are happening in 2021–2022:

  • Job within the beauty and fashion industry within the social media, events and marketing space
  • Signing a contract for $70,000
  • Saving $16,000 by the end of 2022
  • Domestic Travel ( exploring more of my home country)

Manifestation that are happening for 2023:

  • Travelling the world in 2023 and finding a new home overseas in either USA or UK
  • Living in NYC and Philadelphia for three months
  • Work in a global beauty and fashion office doing what I love
  • Doing my first ever European Trip with my best friend
  • Saving $35,000 by 2023
  • Learning how to fall in love and being in love MT

Current Savings: $6,641.36

Current Feelings: Stressed, Hopeful & Optimistic

I promise myself to at least write once a week, to be weird, quirky and apologetically me!

I’m a twenty something year old adult trying to find my calling in life through my dreams, thoughts, adventures and travels.